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Perpetual motion

Combining the originality of a Luxembourgish design and the excellence of a Swiss watch mechanism, 

the Loxo Model One is a precision automatic watch with a timeless and inimitable style.

A timepiece inspired by the world of science and the arts.

Loxo luxembourgish automatic watch

Thanks to a unique technical process, your watch's hands react to UV rays and their color evolves over time in a well defined way.

The more you wear it, the more the color changes.

The Loxo watch perfectly reflects who you are.

Discover the watch

Time at play

Moving the slider to the left will demonstrate how the hands change over time. This evolution is calculated to occur within the time frame of five years. The actual unfolding of your watch, however, depends entirely on you. No watch will look alike. 

The Founder

Georges Weyer, the man behind LOXO.

"Everything Begins With An Idea."  – Earl Nightingale

The Watchmaker

With 60 years of experience, a leading manufacturer of quality Swiss Made Private Label watches.

The Designer

Meet Julie Conrad, a versatile Luxembourgish designer.

The artist

Meet Aude Legrand. A French visual artist, passionate about the concept of time.  

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